Легенды блюза

Andy Aledort
Ana Popovic
Buddah Heads
Dave Meniketti
Allman Brothers Band
Hank Shizzoe
Tino Gonzales
Sista Monica Parker

Allman Brothers Band, композиция "Old Before My Time"

Ana Popovic, композиция "How The Mighty Have Fallen"

Andy Aledort, композиция "Tete a Tete"

Buddah Heads, композиция "Softly I Fall"

Dave Meniketti, композиция "Until The Next Time"

Hank Shizzoe, композиция "Being There With You"

Lucky Peterson, композиция "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free"

Lucky Peterson, композиция "Your Love Is Amazing", альбом "Beyond Cool" 1993г.

Sista Monica Parker, композиция "Glory Hallelujah"

Tino Gonzales, композиция "Midnight Blues"

Tino Gonzales, композиция "Two Sides Of a Heart"